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Музыка 09.12.17 Dance Meets Pop (2017)

Dance Meets Pop (2017)

Bringing a bumpy, playful production to the label No Way Back couples Sophia Black's soothing lyrics with crisp claps
Музыка 09.12.17 Inna - Nirvana (2017)

Inna - Nirvana (2017)

Nirvana is the upcoming fifth studio album by Romanian singer Inna, scheduled for release on December 2017. For this
Музыка 09.12.17 Blanco Y Negro Hits (2017)

Blanco Y Negro Hits (2017)

The most important Dance album of the year is called Blanco Y Negro Hits and it arrives with the successes of the
Музыка 09.12.17 Wearmada (Armada Digital) (2017)

Wearmada (Armada Digital) (2017)

Ridiculously catchy and eargasmic right off the bat, Thomas Golds latest marvel is a true breath-taker. Easily one of
Музыка 09.12.17 Hardstyle The Annual (2018)

Hardstyle The Annual (2018)

Audiotricz & Demi Kanon paired up for their new release Fallen Horizon. Both no strangers to Lose Control, but they
Музыка 09.12.17 Festival Hits (2018.1)

Festival Hits (2018.1)

Uplifting chords, phenomenal vocals and infectious rhythms. This has got to be a Riggi & Piros record. Music has the